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Material requirements for making carbon steel pipe fittings

Material requirements for making carbon steel pipe fittings
Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. to make carbon steel pipe fittings of the material requirements need some special raw materials for production, these raw materials to carry out strict selection and control,
raw materials to choose the right, otherwise the production of carbon steel pipe fittings will not have quality assurance. Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. Carbon steel elbow, carbon steel flange. Let's have a look at the elbow.

The technological process of forming technology is: first of all, welding a cross-section of polygonal ring shell or two blocked multi-ribbed fan shell, the internal pressure medium,

the inner pressure, under the internal pressure disseminated cross-section from the polygon gradually into a circle, and eventually become a circular ring shell.

According to the need, a circular ring shell can be cut into 4 900 elbow or 6 600 elbow or other specifications of the elbow, the process is suitable for manufacturing elbow diameter and elbow diameter of more than
1.5 of any specifications of the large elbow, is now the ideal way to create large pressure elbow.

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