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T22 alloy steel pipe implementation standards, chemical comp


T22 alloy steel pipe implementation standards, chemical composition, mechanical properties, process flow

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T22 alloy steel pipe

Executive Standard: GB 5310-1995 
Material: T22/P22

T22 alloy steel pipe chemical composition :

C Si Mn P S P+S
0.05 to 0.15 ≤ 0.50 0.30 to 0.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.020  
Cr Mo V Ni Cu  
1.90 to 2.60 0.87 to 1.13 - - -  

T22 alloy steel pipe mechanical properties :

Tensile strength MPa Yield point Mpa Elongation% Impact power J
≥415 205 See table  

T22 alloy steel pipe process:

Hot-rolled (extrusion seamless steel tube): round tube blank heated perforated three-roller oblique rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion decollation sizing (or reducing) cooling blank tube straightening hydraulic pressure test (or flaw detection) mark storage. 
Cold-drawn (rolled) seamless steel tubes: round tube blanks, heated piercing, head annealing, pickling, and oil coating (copper plating), multi-pass cold drawing (cold-rolling), billet, heat treatment, straightening, hydrostatic testing (flaw detection), marking, storage.

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